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You are in Fethiye with the most beautiful coastline of the Mediterranean and you are here for the first time. Let's now do what you can do during your holiday here; Let's take a look at it.

You made a long journey on the first day, admired the beauty of Fethiye, but you need to relax and go to where you choose to stay and rest.

In the morning you wake up to rest in the clean air and after an exquisite breakfast you go to the famous Belcekiz and the united Ölüdeniz with great enthusiasm; you can sunbathe on a long, gleaming sea and a long beach, and you are thrown in cool waters. What is this? You saw the colorful parachutes flying in the sky, and when you investigated, you learned that they were from Babadag, one of the most important paraglading centers. Of course, you have to try, you immediately go to Babadag with a parachute company. The cable car system, which will soon be built, will also be in service).

With your highly experienced pilot, you start flying in fear, excitement and curiosity. An experience that everyone must live for. In the presence of incredible beautiful landscapes, you have reliably and safely as a butterfly on the sandy beach of Ölüdeniz. You're still in the dream.

In the evening you saw the sunset of the sun as you returned to your hotel and sipping your teas. Now it's time to dress up and decorate, go to dinner and then go to the old bazaar, which is in the center of town, that is to say the local name Paspatur bazaar. A place where you can make all kinds of shopping and get gifts.

Again, you have a nice sigh. I need to hurry. At 10 o'clock you will be on your boat for 12 Islands. You're on the boat at the right time. The güler faced staff greeted you. You are in a huge, very stylish, wooden boat. What is this? There's even a water slide. You are going to go to the beautiful koirs and swim lovers in the islands and have a delicious meal at noon. Return to the hotel in the evening as you swim in the sea of ​​every tone of the sea. After the meal you learned that you have been full of Hisarönü village every 10 minutes and you are now in Hisarönü. Everywhere is sparkling, full of restaurants and bars. The entertainment is up and running until late hours.

Today you say sea and history. You are on your way to Patara, one of the longest beaches in the world, full of historical artifacts like gold sand. You do not forget to stop by Xantos, which is located on the road, where the first administration like republic in the world is founded. Your evening hotel is yours.

For lunch, go to the beach of Calis, which is very close to the city center and choose one of the many restaurants with different cuisines. After dinner, the folkloric live Turkish music is an authentic experience in the Yoruk Tadiri, sitting on the floor cushions, occasionally trying to beat the rhythm of the music.

A new day and you are going to see the Saklıkent Canyon and the secret valley today. You go through cool water like ice and mud therapy, after a wonderful canyon trip, you are putting your feet in the cool waters near the lake and eating something. In the end, you stop by Tlos and grab the fish that are floating in front of you while you are in the bar. You are the evening swimmer of the bride. You can listen to music, dancing and accompanied by dance performers in Fethiye Gulf.

It is now morning and there is rafting excitement. You are in the Dalaman rafting area of ​​three difficulty levels, with great views, experienced chefs, and you are drowning in fun and adventure.

You are wondering and you have to, now is the time of diving, you are living this excitement with one of the internationally certified diving teams in Fethiye.

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