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General information about Fethiye.

We offer you a visit to one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey - Fethiye, located on the Mediterranean coast at the foot of the pine-covered Lycian mountains.
    In ancient times, this city held a very important place in Lycian civilization. According to legend, it was founded in the 5th century BCE by the Greek god Apollo and had the proud name of Telmessos ("city of lights") in honor of the son of Apollo. According to legend, Apollo fell in love with the daughter of King Finike Agenor and, turning into a dog, won the trust and love of a shy girl and married her.  The son, born from this marriage, Apollo called Telmessos, a name which was also given to the city that he founded.

   In the Roman and Byzantine periods the culture of the city was at a high level and, Telmessos was famous for its oracles and prophets,who had a great influence on the history of the city. According to legend, one of the local oracles predicted world-wide fame for Alexander the Great.

   In 189 BCE the Romans lost control of the area, and the city passed to the Bergamen Kingdom, and in 133 BCE became part of the federation of Lycia. In the 8th century, the city was renamed Anatasyapolis in the honor of the Byzantine emperor Anastasios II. In 1284, the city passed to the principality of Mentecheogullara, and in 1424 the city was annexed to the lands of the Ottoman Empire and renamed Makri (or Meghri - "distant city").

   The city received its modern name in 1934 in honor of the Turkish military aviator, who was called Fethi Bey.


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